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    Our solutions make sure to take up as little of your time as possible.


    Our Mission is to simplify the way used goods are bought and sold, making the process as quick and painless as possible.


    Let us worry about the selling while you focus on more important things.

  • problems worth solving

    We spoke to hundreds of people who shared their stories, with lots of similarities. The recurring theme we saw, over and over again was....

    Buying and selling used is just not worth the risk and effort!

    "I rushed and drove 20 minutes to buy the item, when I got there, even though they had promised to keep it for me it was gone. Their defence "well you know how it is with kijiji, people don't show up, so first come first serve"

    "I can't prove it was related, however after having sold on kijiji (which I did through my garage since I didn't want the buyer in my house), a few weeks later my garage was broken into and the only thing stolen was my prized knife collection I had hanging on the wall. Clearly they knew what they were looking for"

    "there are just too many scammers, I can't be bothered to waste my time"

    "I can't stand the messaging back and forth, the low ball offers, and overall lack of respect"

    "Upon pulling into the yard and getting out of my car, I saw three guys taking drugs. Before I could get back into my car, one ran over to greet me. He was clearly high as a kite. They then pressured me to look at and buy the bike (which I am pretty sure was stolen). I was afraid for my safety, made many excuses, and finally got out of there."

    "My brother had asked me to tag along for the purchase "just in case". As we pulled into the driveway, he told me to reach into the glove box and pull out the knife and hide it, again "just in case"

    "the buyer said he would pick it up at 7:00, we waited until 8:00 and headed out as we were now made late to the party"

  • hassle free Seller Solutions

    Removing the risk and effort

    Option 1

    I want to be fully involved from start to finish

    • Choose from convenient drop off location(s)
    • Upload your item and provide details.
    • Communicate with potential buyers to answer any questions they may have.
    • Once the item sells, drop it off at your convenience.

    Option 2

    I want to spend as little time and effort as possible

    • Choose your convenient drop off location(s)
    • Upload item picture(s) and provide as much (or as little) information as you want
    • We do the research and post your listing with as much detail as possible to get you the best return.
      We communicate with potential buyers on your behalf
    • After the item sells, you drop it off at your convenience.
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